How to get to – Oulton Broad & Village from your luxury lodge.

Once you’ve arrived for your relaxing breakMarsh Harrier View away in your new luxury lodge, you won’t be able to resist exploring the natural surroundings of the Waveney Valley. Thanks to there being many great sights to see and locations to visit throughout the valley you won’t have to go far before you come across somewhere worth exploring. One of these amazing locations is the impressive Oulton Broad & Oulton village that’s full of natural sights, activities and history.

On foot
The best thing about travelling to Oulton Broad & Village from your lodge at Waveney River Centre is that you won’t have to use your vehicle. Instead you can either take the ferry across the river where you will join the Angles Way walk or you can hire one of the day boats from reception and journey to it along the gently winding river. The Angles Way is one of the most popular long distance walks stretching through Norfolk & Suffolk. Once you have crossed the river and joined the path, follow it to the left leading away from the river. This lovely route will take you through one of the most beautiful parts of the Waveney Valley and once you come across Carlton Marshes nature reserve, chances are you’ll want to stop for an explore. Carrying on, you will soon come to Oulton Broad. From here you can access everything that the broad has to offer, as well as the beautiful village to the north.

By boat
If you decide to take the journey by boat, head northeast along the river (with Waveney River Centre to your left (Port) but only for a short distance around two gentle bends, as you will soon come across an opening in the trees to your right (Starboard). This is the entrance to Oulton Dyke, which will lead you southeast until you reach the opening of Oulton Broad. Make sure that you don’t miss the turning; otherwise you may end up spending the day in Great Yarmouth! Once you have entered the broad successfully, all you will have to do now is find places to moor you boat. Thankfully, the broad isn’t short of public moorings, however the waters can get very busy in the summer months, so keep a sharp eye for available spots. Oulton Broad Yacht Station offers short stay & visitor moorings and once you’re moored, you can then explore Oulton Village on foot.

By car
If you would rather not walk to Oulton Broad & Village and don’t fancy a trip by boat either, taking your vehicle is just as easy (but may not be as fun). Once you’re buckled up and ready to go, head back up the country lanes that you came in on until you reach the A143. Turn right along this main road and keep following it until you cross over two bridges. Shortly after the second bridge there will be a right turning onto Herringfleet Road (B1074). Turn here and continue through the village of Herrigfleet until you get to a fork in the road. Continue to the right and you will soon find yourself in Oulton Village. There’s plenty of car parking here and you won’t have trouble finding the broad thanks to it being clearly signposted. Just don’t forget where you parked!

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