Local Walks – To Beccles

Norfolk holiday lodges viewOne of the best things about taking a break in the countryside is that there are usually plenty of scenic walks to take advantage of and thankfully, the area around our lovely lodges is no exception. Our lodges are located on the peaceful grounds of Waveney River Centre, which sits in the heart of the Waveney Valley, so you can be sure that the views along the walks are among some of the most beautiful in the region. Our great location also offers easy access to one of the most popular walks in Norfolk, the Angles Way, which starts in the coastal town of Great Yarmouth and stretches 93 miles passing through Suffolk at numerous points and ending up in the town of Thetford. You can join this excellent walk by simply crossing to the south bank of the River Waveney by using the ferry service. From here you will have the choice to either head east or west, each leading to many naturally beautiful areas.

If you head to the east (turn left) you will eventually reach destinations such as Carlton Marshes and Oulton Broad. If you head west and continue along the bank of the river, you will journey through scenic countryside eventually ending up in the bustling market town of Beccles. The route to Beccles is wonderfully relaxing and will give you the opportunity to appreciate how beautiful the Waveney Valley really is. If the skies are clear and the sun is shining, keep an eye out for some of the Waveney wildlife that will no doubt be out and about enjoying the weather. Keep a look out for the rare Swallowtail butterfly, which often visits the area during the warmer months, and you may be able to get close enough to grab a great photo, so make sure that you take your camera along for the trip. Cheeky otters can also be seen in the river and on the riverbank but don’t worry; they’re not cheeky enough to steal your sandwiches from your backpack! After a short distance you will come to Hundred Drain, a small stream leading further inland to the south. If you fancy a detour, follow the path that runs beside it and you will come to a wooded area to your left. Within the trees is Barnby Broad and although privately owned, the scenery around it is reward enough for extending your route. Heading back to the River Waveney, you will continue along the riverside path that will continue to take you through the beautiful valley. Enjoy the silence that’s only broken by the chirp of birdsong and rustling of critters in the undergrowth. You will truly feel part of nature and once you reach the town of Beccles, you will have plenty of opportunities to rest, relax, get refuelled and prepared for the journey back.