Norfolk Broads & Waveney Valley Wildlife

Waveney valley cattleThe Norfolk Broads provide an excellent home for numerous species of wildlife, as the numerous lakes, waterways and undisturbed marshland in and around the broads offer the perfect environment where the wildlife can flourish. Although the Norfolk Broads national park is one of the most popular ‘holiday at home’ destinations in the UK, the wildlife here breeds and goes about its daily business unhindered. This is mainly due to the impressive size of the park and the majority of the marshland remaining inaccessible to visitors. There are also many nature reserves here and in the Waveney Valley that can be found a little further south where Norfolk meets the county of Suffolk. These fantastic reserves are controlled by numerous organisations including the RSBP and offer protected space where certain wildlife can remain completely protected allowing them to breed and live in a clean environment.

During your stay in your luxury lodge, you will have easy access to the Norfolk Broads to the north and thanks to our lodges being located in the heart of the Waveney Valley, you won’t have to travel at all to experience the fantastic Waveney wildlife. Our lodges offer stunning marshland views and this alone will give you the opportunity to see this wildlife first hand but if you would really like to get stuck in, the Angles Way walk is just on the Opposite side of the river, where you can take a stroll and see if you can spot some of the local residents that include herons, kestrels, hares, voles, foxes, otters, mice and cows (although the cows won’t be hard to miss). For the insect enthusiast there are many different species of beautiful bugs that include the rare swallowtail butterfly, brimstone butterfly, cinnabar moth and the Norfolk hawker dragonfly. These species spread from the Waveney Valley and the southern broads, all the way up to the northern broads and beyond into the north Norfolk countryside but thanks to the moisture of the UK’s largest wetland, you will find the majority around the broads watery network.

If you would like to experience the amazing wildlife of the Norfolk Broads and the Waveney Valley, why not visit our Norfolk Holiday Lodges here at Waveney River Centre and explore the area and the nature for yourself. We also have day boat hire available should you wish to try and spot the nature from the water. (Don’t forget your binoculars).