Places to Visit – Southwold

Norfolk holiday lodges logoThe often-underrated town of Southwold is one of the UK’s most fascinating coastal towns, as it boasts a wealth of history as well as enough entertainment to keep the whole family happy. It can be found only 13 miles to the south of Lowestoft and just a 30-minute journey away from our holiday lodges for sale. The journey will take you along Beccles Road via Hollow Way Hill & Yarmouth Road until you reach the B1127, which will take you the rest of the way to Southwold. Once you arrive you will be able to enjoy an historic town centre filled with shops, cafes & restaurants, as well as some lovely attractions and lets not forget the star of the show, the beautiful golden coastline and pier that can be found just a short distance from the centre of town.

For those who are interested in discovering more about the local history, the town is home to three museums that are just waiting to be explored. These are the Alfred Corry Museum where you will be able to find out more about what life was like for the local lifeboat crews during the period from 1893 to 1918. You will also be able to see the Alfred Corry lifeboat, which is actually located within the museum itself. The second is Southwold Museum, which offers an insight into the general history of the town itself, which includes industry, fishing, arts & crafts, scale models, interactive exhibits, fossils from the sea and much more. The third of Southwold’s museums is the Amber Museum, which may be a little unusual but is still definitely worth a visit. Within you will find a collection of – yes you guessed it – amber. These vary in shade and type, with some containing an insect that got stuck in this once sticky substance many years ago. Another important part of Southwold’s history is the white lighthouse that proudly looks over the town. This popular landmark is open to the public and 20-minute tours are available, so you can find out all there is to know for a tiny fee. The lighthouse is a big part of the Suffolk Heritage Coast and thanks to it’s location in one of the oldest parts of the town, you will find many old houses and other fascinating architectural sites all around it. There is also Gun Hill, a vantage point overlooking the sea that boasts eighteen pound cannons that were said to have been given to the town for protection against raids by sea in 1746. They still stand here today but thankfully, they are no longer used against pirates.

Let’s not forget the town’s two most popular attractions, the beach and pier! The beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand & shingle that stretches along the coast even further than the town itself. Here you can grab an icecream and relax while gazing out onto the blue waters as they the waves gently roll in. Depending on the weather you may need your jacket but if the summer skies are clear and the sun is sizzling, why not go for a swim. The famous SOuthwold Pier can also be found here and is the place to be if you fancy some freshly made food, would like to do a bit of shopping or just want to have some fun in the arcades. It’s one of the most popular and modern piers in the UK, so why not try it out for yourself!

Southwold is a great place for the whole family, so why not visit this great town today!