Places to visit – The northern Norfolk Broads

Norfolk holiday lodges logoOur fantastic lodges are near a number of popular places & attractions but if you fancy venturing a little further a field and exploring what there is to be found further north then we would definitely recommend spending a day visiting the northern Norfolk Broads.

The northern Norfolk Broads are some of the most popular broads in Norfolk and when you visit them for yourself – if you haven’t already – you will understand why. One of the reasons that they are so popular is because there are quite a few within a very short distance of each other, many of them connected by the River Bure, allowing you easy access by water. Some of the most popular and most beautiful of these broads can be reached on foot as well as by water. Two very popular broads have been listed below but don’t forget that there are many more broads to explore towards the north.

Wroxham Broad
One of the closest and largest broads on the northern broads network is Wroxham Broad. It’s easily accessible from the River Bure and is just a short distance down river from Wroxham and Hoveton village. It’s open to all boating traffic, so you can enter through one of two entrances and enjoy the scenic views. On the southwest side of the broad is the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, so there’s a good chance that you will see plenty of sailing and if you’re lucky, some sailing competitions taking place. You don’t have to be on a boat to enjoy the wonderful views that Wroxham broad has to offer thanks to the car park and grassy area that can be found next to the yacht club. Here you can park up and enjoy the broad and maybe some sailing too without having to head out onto the water.

Salhouse Broad
Just a short distance further down river from Wroxham Broad is the entrance to Salhouse Broad (by water). As soon as you enter, you will see moorings on the opposite side. Although there is a small fee, it’s definitely worth mooring up to fully enjoy the broad and surrounding area. If arriving by car, there is a surprisingly large car park where you will find the entrance to a scenic walking route, which will lead you under the shade of the trees that sit on either side of the path until you reach the waters edge. There is also a board walk, which can be found a short distance in that will lead you to the right, along the water giving you a glimpse of the water before you reach the broad itself. An unusual grassy beach area awaits you at the end where you will see the moorings and where you will get to enjoy the best views of this stunning broad.

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