Places to visit – Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Norfolk holiday lodges logoA short distance to the north of our luxury lodges for sale is Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, one of the most popular zoos in the region.

If you are a lover of animals, whether they are big or small, furry or scaly then Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens is definitely recommended as a destination of choice during your stay in your new luxury lodge, as it is home to many amazing creatures and offers plenty of home comforts to.

The large cats & tigers are definitely the stars of the show here at Thrigby Hall, as there are numerous species, which are rare and endangered. Look for the Leopard Cat, the Clouded Leopard and the Asian Golden Cat, which all love to climb trees and stay high above the ground. These are much smaller than tigers, which are also available to view from high above the walkway over their enclosure or from beneath the ground, allowing you to get an all round look at these amazing creatures.

Prefer primates? No problem. Within the grounds you will find spacious outdoor enclosures, which house Macaques, a species of monkey, which loves to climb trees, where they tend to spend most of their time. Gibbons can also be seen here and like Macaques, they also love spending time in the trees but also like to explore the ground. While you’re in this part of the grounds, don’t forget to take a look at the incredibly rare Red Panda.

There are also many water dwelling creatures to be found here, although many aren’t too friendly. Take a look at the crocodiles & alligators. Oh, and there are plenty of snakes here too! If you would rather see something cuddly, you won’t be far from the otter enclosure & cute little rodents are popular here also. Once you’ve had a good look around, why not take some time out at the Cockatoo Café & enjoy a drink and a snack. Once you’ve got your energy levels back up, you can then explore what else this amazing zoo has to offer.

If you would like to discover some of the other places to visit near our luxury holiday lodges then read through our blog, which can be found at We are sure that you’ll love exploring everything that Norfolk has to offer. Also, don’t forget to visit the Norfolk Broads during your time here.